Our mobile security team drive throughout San Diego County in marked patrol vehicles that makes frequent and random stops at your facility, it will act as a deterrent which will likely prevent most illegal activities from happening because they won’t know when the next patrol check will be. If during a patrol check our security guard notices suspicious activity, he/she will take pictures and we will email them to our client so they will have record of the activity and/or the individual(s) for their records.

At B2B Security, we will provide you with professional instruction and guidance to improve and mitigate incidence at your locations.  We provide daily report and electronic accountability systems.  All of our vehicles have GPS tracking and we are able to monitor and follow all routes to ensure compliance and proper care is given to every client. 


Additionally, B2B Security uses top of the line software and technology to ensure you get what you pay for and we stand by our commitment to protect what you value most.  Geo-fencing is technology similar to a GPS system.  Every security officer whether mobile patrol or foot patrol is accountable to the geo-fencing system that designates the secure area that is their responsibility to cover.  It tracks their movements and stops.  It identifies, when, where, and how long an officer is in each spot at the location.  This accountability system also enables the officer to provide virtual reports, instant pictures, and tracking of the entire shift.  This gives you peace of mind and comfort to know that you can trust us to be aware and diligent in protecting what you value most. 

All of our patrol vehicles have GPS tracking and we provide daily reporting and pictures sent directly to your email.  All this information is received in real-time and tracked through the monitoring system.